Sunday March 22nd, 2015 - Moomba Festival   *   Sunday, May 17th, 2015 - TAPS - Winter Open  *   Sunday, July 19th, 2015 - State Selection
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Taekwondo Victoria Inc.
TVI's 2015 Calendar of Events is now finalised and available for download.

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2015 Victorian State Major Events Calendar Dates

Sunday March 22nd, Moomba Festival - Festivities, Poomsae, Sparring
Venue: Darebin Community Sports Stadium - More information soon

Sunday, May 17th, TAPS - Winter Open - Poomsae, Sparring
Venue: SNHC (State Netball and Hockey Centre)  - More information soon

Sunday, July 19th, State Selection - Poomsae, Sparring
Venue: SNHC (State Netball and Hockey Centre) -  - More information soon

We are pleased to announce that Osmosis Melbourne Trophy and Medal Suppliers are now the major sponsors of TVI (Taekwondo Victoria Incorporated). We have found them to be an 'on time, friendly and reasonably priced' supplier of medals and trophies for our Sparring and Poomsae events.

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Please Support Our Sponsors
The purpose of this policy is to clearly define the process and entitlement for active Victorian members of Taekwondo Australia (TA) and Taekwondo Victoria Inc. (TVI) to apply for financial assistance for travel and accommodation costs incurred as athletes, coaches and/or officials attending or competing at approved international Taekwondo tournaments and events.
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Sunday March 22nd, Moomba Festival
Sunday, May 17th, TAPS - Winter Open
Sunday, July 19th, State Selection

Full details can be found HERE.
TVI (Taekwondo Victoria Incorporated) offers a wide variety of programs for students wishing to get involved within Taekwondo in the State of Victoria.

Our sparring and poomsae events are equal to none and all students, including the novices (those who have not sparred previously in any sparring competition) are encouraged to enter.

In conjunction with our Team Victoria Members we run State Training in Sparring and Poomsae.

We also run various Martial Arts Seminars which are presented by Australian and International presenters

TVI (Taekwondo Victoria Incorporated) is the largest Taekwondo Community within the State of Victoria and one of the largest in Australia.
TVI (Taekwondo Victoria Incorporated)
TVI (Taekwondo Victoria Incorporated) is the State Sporting and Martial Arts Organisation representing Taekwondo in Victoria. The association is a member of TA (Taekwondo Australia Limited) representing TA's activities within Victoria with a purpose of representing the interests of Victorian Members with the National Association.
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